03 June 2024

10 years of the national domain

Today Drakonberg celebrates a holiday that is very rarely celebrated in real states (due to its low significance), but even more rarely in micronations (due to the absence of the domain as an occasion). We have both an occasion and significance, so in our country the National Domain Day is equal in significance to the State Founding Day.

However, not everything that was originally conceived was realized as planned. That and much more is what we will cover in this article.

As soon as our state was created, there was a question of placing information about it on the Internet. The simplest option - to make a website like "drakonberg.org", where we could present all the materials about the new micronation. But we realized that there will be so many materials and they will be so different, that one website will not work. And besides, we wanted to have at least an imitation of our own domain zone.

So the domain "vgd.name" appeared, because the abbreviated name of our state is "VGD". This domain became the "domain zone" of our state, respectively, all state websites are located in this domain zone.

However, we also made a domain registration website, allowing everyone around the world to register their domains in our zone at very favorable prices. Of course, there should have been a strict selection, so that our zone did not contain various "garbage" websites.

But as a result, only the head of Darkonberg created several of his personal websites in this zone. Yes, we have received applications for domain registration from outsiders, but unfortunately, none of these applications did not meet our selection criteria for quality.

In addition, we created a website for Drakonberg's web studio. Since our citizens have been building websites long before the state existed, we have a great deal of knowledge and experience in this area.

There were plans to create a separate website on the economy of Drakonberg, including relations with other micronations, but this project has not yet been realized: there is no great need. Unfortunately, also the second floor of our museum has not yet been created. 4 halls have been in operation since 2016, but another 4 halls are waiting to be opened. There is no time to deal with this issue yet.

All in all, our unique domain zone has been alive for 10 years! Let's wish it further successful development!

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