13 May 2024

Knowledge Day

Today, May 13, the people of Drakonberg celebrate an unusual holiday: the Day of Knowledge and Development. This day is not associated with school or college knowledge. We are talking about knowledge much deeper and even more important than physics, history or economics.

Why today? Because today millions of people all over the world celebrate the birthday of their Teacher - just like that, with a capital "T". And Drakonberg is the first (and so far, unfortunately, the only) state that has declared this day an official holiday.

This man is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Enlightened Master, Guru, the most famous Spiritual Leader of our time and the creator of the International Art of Living Foundation. For more than 40 years, this foundation has been conducting anti-stress and wellness courses all over the world, and also gives people Knowledge that is not given anywhere else.

The citizens of Drakonberg took these courses, with some of them immersing themselves in Knowledge much deeper than the "beginner" level. And it must be said that this Knowledge really had a strong and positive impact on the lives of both the citizens themselves and our state as a whole.

We not only advise everyone to get acquainted with the knowledge that the Master gives, but we also advise them to follow this Knowledge in their practical life. And you will see how beneficially they influence people’s lives and their development.

The head of Drakonberg many years ago made a website about his experience in the “Art of Living”, everything is described in detail there.

Congratulations to everyone on the Holiday of Knowledge!

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