14 September 2023

Another reform

Unfortunately, economists' forecasts do not inspire optimism. Taking into account global trends and the interests of the residents of Drakonberg, a meeting of the Board of the Central Bank was held today, at which it was decided to change the composition of the ergid.

The full text of the Central Bank Decision is presented on the official website of the state in the "Government" section. And here we will briefly express our ideas and hypotheses about the future of the world economy and the benefits of the measures taken by our Central Bank.

06 August 2023

Budget adoption

Yesterday, a meeting of the Drakonberg Parliament was held, at which the state's internal budget for the new 2023/2024 financial year was adopted. The results of the past year and further prospects for the economic development of our state were also discussed.

The resolution adopted at the end of the meeting is published in the "Government" section.

You can read some details below.

03 June 2023

Domain Holiday

This day has been celebrated since the beginning of Drakonberg. For a while, we even wanted to consider this day as the birthday of the state. However, we decided that it should be a holiday in its own right, because although it is extremely important for our development and functioning, it is still not necessary.

So, today Drakonberg celebrates National Domain Day. Read on below for more details.

28 May 2023

Diplomatic news

Unfortunately, this will be sad news. We have been postponing this decision for a very long time, but it is impossible to delay any further. Yesterday the Commission on Foreign Policy of Drakonberg passed a resolution to temporarily suspend the Treaty of Recognition and Cooperation between Drakonberg and the Principality of Aysellant.

Why this happened and why we consider this news sad will be discussed below. 

13 May 2023

Wisdom for development

Drakonberg's third May holiday is Knowledge and Development Day. But it is not about a set of facts and formulas, which we habitually call the word "knowledge," and not about the development of the state. This holiday is about knowledge about how to live this life in joy and happiness, and development is meant personal and spiritual. For without such knowledge such development is impossible in principle.

Why exactly today? We'll talk about that too.