11 May 2024

Drakonberg Anniversary

Today is a significant day in the life of Drakonberg: our state turned 10 years old. This is a very important achievement for a micronation, because most similar projects die much earlier.
But we exist and hopefully we will exist for many more years, decades and even centuries to come. Why not? Because our state has all three main components: territory, population, and idea.
What has Drakonberg achieved in 10 years? What lies ahead?

This time we depart from tradition: the Head of Drakonberg will not make a solemn address to other nations, the celebration will be exclusively internal. But our editorial staff has prepared a small report on the past and plans for the future.

The goals and meaning of the creation of our state are specified in the Declaration, which precedes the Constitution. And if the organization of citizens' life for these 10 years has really become much better, and the standard of living has steadily increased, we have made little progress in terms of studying our history. In part, there are objective reasons for this: the low availability of digital archives of other states, language difficulties, as well as the pandemic and the global crisis that followed it, which made it difficult for our scholars to move people and visit these archives in person.

Communication with other virtual states is also much less than we had originally planned. The main area for such cooperation can only be cultural exchange, but there were very few serious micronations in the Russian-speaking space, and now there are none at all. And countries with other languages are too different from us, and communication is technically difficult.

As for the economy, micronations either have no economy at all, or it is reduced to producing souvenirs and selling them on the Internet. Yes, we planned to engage in this sphere quite extensively, we have issued two postage stamps and many postal envelopes, but this is not enough for active foreign economic activity. The creation of a state-owned web studio and domain registration service did not become the basis for foreign economy either: the competition from similar services from the real world is too high.

In fact, unlike most micronations, we live in our own world outside the internet, so that not even the micronational media are even remotely aware of our existence. The people of Drakonberg are mostly engaged in creative endeavors directed at the real world, not the virtual world. And here we have considerable successes, the main of which is the release of the fantasy novel of the Head of State "The Great Project" in the form of a paper book.

In general, we should note the stable development of Drakonberg, regardless of the economic and political crises that shake the real world. The first 10 years are behind us. There are many more times 10 ahead!


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