20 March 2024

World Day of Happiness

In fact, March 20 is celebrated around the world not only as "Happiness Day", but also as "Astrology Day", also as "Earth Day", and as "Novruz Holiday". That's exactly how Drakonberg celebrates March 20-21: as a World Novruz holiday!

Why it is celebrated and what kind of holiday it is - read below on the page.

This tradition originated with us many years before the establishment of Drakonberg as a micronation. Novruz has been celebrated in Azerbaijan for more than one millennium, and since we and our ancestors have also lived in Azerbaijan for a long time, this beautiful holiday has become our holiday as well.

Novruz is a real natural New Year: the day of the vernal equinox. In Azerbaijan, its celebration is associated with the natural elements: earth, water, air and fire. According to ancient beliefs, it is the elements that participated in the creation of the world and are part of all material bodies and objects.

The people of Drakonberg celebrate this holiday in their own circle, traditionally decorating the table with a dish of sprouted wheat, nuts and sweets. Wheat symbolizes the earth, and water nourishes its roots. Air surrounds everything, and burning candles carry the element of fire.

This is a very bright and joyful holiday. And we wish all the readers of our newspaper, all our friends and all people on Earth health, prosperity, success and harmony of soul!


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