31 December 2023

The year 2024 is coming

New Year in Drakonberg is a traditional and beloved holiday. Although festive chores are still chores, but still a holiday is a holiday, and you always want to hope for magic...

As usual, the Head of State has prepared a solemn address to the people of Drakonberg, but residents of other micronations may also find this address interesting, since it contains some results of the past year and tells about some plans for the coming year.

Below we publish the full text of this speech.

New Year's address from the Chairman of SOVSEM
Dear fellow citizens, dear foreign readers!

The past year has been very difficult for the whole world. Some believe that humanity is entering some new era, which promises global changes in politics, economics and even human psychology.

It is impossible to say whether this is actually so, but we see everything happening in the real world and all this cannot but affect us. Yes, we are a Virtual State, but we are very real people.

I would like to note that despite all the external difficulties, our State managed not only to preserve all past achievements, but also to develop further. This concerns both the growth of the welfare of the population and the improvement of the technological level of our State.

Unfortunately, this year has been extremely passive in foreign policy issues. We see that there are almost no micronations left in the former USSR area to cooperate with. At the same time, communication with the micronations of the rest of the world is difficult due to the language barrier and the huge difference in the mentality of the population, as well as logistical capabilities.

The coming year may be critical for civilization. We really hope that humanity will reach a new stage of development, that peace and justice will be established throughout the world. Maybe this year, maybe next year. But we believe that it will happen!

As for the Drakonberg itself, we intend to increase our activity in studying the past of our family and our ancient history. There are also plans to further improve the technological equipment of our State, and to continue the development of dependent territories.

We wish prosperity, health and happiness to all residents of other micronations, and indeed to all people on Earth in the coming year! And let miracles happen in your life! Happy New Year!

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