03 June 2023

Domain Holiday

This day has been celebrated since the beginning of Drakonberg. For a while, we even wanted to consider this day as the birthday of the state. However, we decided that it should be a holiday in its own right, because although it is extremely important for our development and functioning, it is still not necessary.

So, today Drakonberg celebrates National Domain Day. Read on below for more details.

Unlike many other micronations, our state exists quite real. Yes, politically we are a virtual state, but in all other respects we are very real. However, like any virtual state, we need some kind of "window to the world", i.e. we need at least one website with information about ourselves. Otherwise, who will know about us?

Yes, we live "in real life" and we don't need internet representation for our daily life. Most micronations just create their own site, usually in the ".org" domain zone, where they post basic information about their project. But we decided that we need several sites, and if so - we need our own domain zone. Of course, we couldn't get real national top level domain (ccTLD), but we can create a virtual one, which makes sense for a virtual country!

This is how our "domain zone" ".vgd.name" was created, where all our state sites are located. This online newspaper, the official site of Drakonberg, the site of our Museum, and much more. We even allow the registration of private domain names and the creation of private websites, including commercial websites, in this zone.

So, the day of registration of the domain "vgd.name" is celebrated as a Domain Day. It is a very important holiday for our country. To date, 19 domains are registered in this zone, both government and public. We are not looking for quantity, we are focusing on the quality of all the sites created in this zone. Our Internet Development Commission works on the content of the public sites, maintains the domain zone and supervises the work of the other Drakonberg pages (social networks, encyclopedias, etc.)

We celebrate this day with proud of the success we have achieved and with faith in our future development. Happy Holidays!

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