06 August 2023

Budget adoption

Yesterday, a meeting of the Drakonberg Parliament was held, at which the state's internal budget for the new 2023/2024 financial year was adopted. The results of the past year and further prospects for the economic development of our state were also discussed.

The resolution adopted at the end of the meeting is published in the "Government" section.

You can read some details below.

In the past year, world food prices have shown a steady upward trend. Since Drakonberg is completely dependent on food imports, in the coming year the government had to increase spending on this budget item. Of course, we do not know how events will develop further, but not a single expert predicts a decrease in food prices.

The cost of improving the state turned out to be close to forecasts, or rather, the government purposefully solved the problems of this area within the allocated funds. No savings, but in this case it's good.

Fortunately, health care costs turned out to be much less than planned. However, for the new year, the government actually repeated the allocation of the previous amount, because, if not the treatment of citizens, then the prevention of morbidity also needs funding.

Unfortunately, we had to reduce the cost of scientific and educational programs, as well as various celebrations. Culture costs remain the same.

As for the costs of energy, communications and other utilities, the climate in and around Drakonberg is clearly becoming milder, which made it possible not only to meet the allocated funds, but even partially save them. However, for the new year, this item of expenditure was left without adjustment. The costs of the new budget for equipment and technologies are also somewhat reduced.

In general, the financial year ended very positively, savings and excess income were transferred to the Reserve Fund. We hope that in the coming fiscal year, Drakonberg's budget spending will only be directed to positive and pleasant areas.

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