28 May 2023

Diplomatic news

Unfortunately, this will be sad news. We have been postponing this decision for a very long time, but it is impossible to delay any further. Yesterday the Commission on Foreign Policy of Drakonberg passed a resolution to temporarily suspend the Treaty of Recognition and Cooperation between Drakonberg and the Principality of Aysellant.

Why this happened and why we consider this news sad will be discussed below. 

Aysellant was the first micronation with which Drakonberg concluded such a treaty. It happened less than six months after the establishment of Drakonberg. The Principality pleasantly surprised us with the scale of its activities, the professionalism of its citizens and great prospects for further development.

Our Foreign Policy Doctrine suggests a very strict selection of diplomatic partners, but Aysellant exceeded all other micronations in the former Soviet Union by the level of development.

Unfortunately, our cooperation did not last long: several years ago the activities of Aysellant were almost frozen. We had hoped for a long time to restore activity and did not take any measures. But there are certain rules spelled out in our doctrine that we must abide by.

We want to note that the Treaty has not been canceled and the relationship has not been dissolved. It is only a question of temporarily suspending the Treaty, because we hope that Aysellant will recover its activity and our cooperation will continue to the fullest extent.

 We will continue to observe this activity and we will be glad to return the level of relations to their previous high level.

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