13 May 2023

Wisdom for development

Drakonberg's third May holiday is Knowledge and Development Day. But it is not about a set of facts and formulas, which we habitually call the word "knowledge," and not about the development of the state. This holiday is about knowledge about how to live this life in joy and happiness, and development is meant personal and spiritual. For without such knowledge such development is impossible in principle.

Why exactly today? We'll talk about that too.

On May 13, 1956, in India, a child was born who was destined to become the most famous spiritual leader of the 20th and 21st centuries. Now this boy is known as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and has millions of followers in 150 countries around the world. He says that he didn't plan for such a future, it just happened. So be it, the main thing is that it happened!

In 1981 Sri Sri founded the "Art of Living" International Foundation, which since then has been conducting anti-stress and developmental programs all over the world, and the Master himself visits dozens of countries a year to meet with his followers, as well as kings, presidents and various ministers.

All of the citizens of Drakonberg have been through one or another of the Foundation's programs, and some have seen the Master in person. It can be said that it is the Knowledge given by the Master that helps Drakonberg to a great extent to remain stable in our difficult times. After all, the art of living is to be able to maintain joy even in difficult times. And then those times pass quickly and without a trace.

We recommend that you visit the Foundation's website and get acquainted with the courses it runs. Perhaps they are taking place in your community as well!

We do consider today a great holiday. Congratulations to everyone!

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