11 May 2023

The State Creation Day

On this date in 2014 some of future Drakonberg citizens had an idea of creation a Virtual State. The reasons, goals and objectives for the existence of our state are outlined in the Declaration, which precedes the articles of the Constitution of Drakonberg.

It should be noted that unlike most of micronations, the existence of Drakonberg has very real reasons and goals. This means that our state will live for a long time!

There are very few micronations of our type in the world. The best known are probably Molossia and West Who, founded in the second half of the 20th century, long before the advent of the Internet. And these states are very developed. So we have something to strive for!

In the meantime, let's note that on its 9th anniversary, Drakonberg has become a successfully developing state with a strong economy and rich culture. Of course, there are problems: for example, the website of our National Museum has not yet been enriched with new sections. It is a big job, and the members of the Commissions for Culture and for Internet Development are busy with many other issues as well.

Nevertheless, we hope to expand the museum site in the near future and promote it to other micronations. It's worth it! And we also plan to expand our political and cultural relations with other micronations. Unfortunately, there are almost no other micronations in the former USSR now...

This year we do not publish the message of the Head of Drakonberg, because the message was aimed at an internal audience and dealt with important issues of further functioning and development of our state.

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