09 May 2023

The Day of Peace and Remembrance

That's what the 9 May holiday is called in Drakonberg. The victory over Nazi Germany was given to the peoples of the USSR at the cost of huge material and human losses. Remembering all those victims, we believe that we should appreciate not only the victory itself, but also strive to preserve peace. So that something like this never happens again...

However, unfortunately, after the Second World War there were still many local wars, the total number of victims of which is estimated in many millions. People don't remember history and don't draw conclusions from it...

Perhaps this holiday has partly lost its former relevance, because there are more recent victories (especially for Azerbaijan, where Drakonberg is located), and Nazism, unfortunately, has taken root in some states of the world, giving lush shoots in our time.

Nevertheless, without that Victory, our state and all its citizens would not exist. So this holiday is really important to us. And according to a long tradition, on this day the people of Drakonberg gather at a festive sweet table, and also invite friends.

However, in addition to the Victory Day, on this day we celebrate another holiday by a very long tradition: the birthday of Bulat Okudzhava, the founder of the author song genre and participant of that war. Many of his songs we also know by heart since our childhood, and in general, his art has played an important role in shaping the tastes and views of the citizens of Drakonberg.

Therefore, also by tradition, on this day there is a concert by the citizens of the country, where Okudzhava's songs and songs from that war are played.

We really want humanity to stop solving their disputes by armed methods. The one who is stronger is not always right. But so far the ideas of humanism and non-violence have not become the main principles of international politics. But we remember, and hope. Never again!

Happy Victory Day!

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