21 March 2023

We celebrate Novruz

The people of Drakonberg have been celebrating this ancient holiday since the ancestors of its modern inhabitants came to the territory of Azerbaijan. Contrary to popular belief, this holiday has nothing to do with any particular religion, it originated even before religions even appeared in the world...

Why do we celebrate it with such joy?

If you want to know about the holiday itself and its history in detail, then see our last year's publication in LiveJournal. And now we will just tell you that in 2023, 9 whole days in a row are days off in Azerbaijan. In Drakonberg itself, March 20 and 21 are considered holidays, but there are no days off and working days in our state: such a division simply does not make sense.

So, on the territory of our state, the holiday is traditionally held: all residents gather at the festive table, candles are lit, the TV is turned off and mobile phones are put aside. This is the time when you need to forget the outside world and immerse yourself in yourself, feel your unity both with nature and with each other.

And after the feast, also according to a long tradition, a festive concert is organized by the citizens of the country. There are no professionals in the field of music among us, but this is an internal concert, for ourselves. Here you can be yourself and not try to play in public.

And on other days, holidays in Azerbaijan, citizens of Drakonberg meet with friends, go for a walk, do creative work, etc. But, of course, members of the government and ordinary residents also perform their official duties. After all, life goes on both weekdays and holidays. And every day it is necessary to ensure the full functioning of all components of the state.

We congratulate all readers of our newspaper on the wonderful spring holiday Novruz, we wish prosperity, love and joy!

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