16 October 2022

An unusual holiday

Today, the people of Drakonberg celebrate Territories Day, which was established in 2019. Why was this holiday created and why is it so important to Drakonbergians?

In the world of virtual states (micronations), not all has a territory. There are many self-proclaimed communities that call themselves virtual states (micronations), but have no territory. Sometimes such states claim some virtual "territory" on the Internet, but more often micronations consider as their territory some planets, or even lands existing only in the imagination of their creators.

Our position is that even if the state itself is virtual and does not claim UN recognition, it should still have not only population but also territory.

Drakonberg's territory has increased in 2019. Since this happened not only for the first time in the history of modern Drakonberg, but also in the whole known history of our ancestors, it was decided to establish a new holiday "Territories Day".

We celebrate this holiday with hope and faith that our state will develop, the territories will expand and be improved, and the population will grow and enjoy life.

Happy holiday!

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