06 August 2022

The budget is approved

According to a long tradition, the fiscal year in Drakonberg begins on August 1. According to Article 8.2.1 of the Drakonberg Constitution, a draft internal budget for the coming 2022-2023 fiscal year has been prepared.

Yesterday the Parliament held a meeting where the draft was considered and approved. The corresponding Decree is published in the "Government" section, while the budget published on this page.

As can be seen, last year the money allocated for food was not enough, despite the active savings. This is due to the worldwide rise in prices and does not depend on the actions of the Drakonberg Government. The planned expenditures on health care and celebrations were also exceeded. For some other items of expenditure, there are noticeable savings.

In view of these data, as well as the projections for the coming year in terms of rising world prices and the planned intensification of the improvement of the Drakonberg territory, it was decided to adjust the ratio of budget items, which has long remained almost constant.

Since state revenues have also increased and are not expected to fall in the near future, total budget expenditures have also been increased. The most notable increases are in the items "Food", "Health Care", and "Beautification".

However, the Economic Commission was instructed to consider the allocated amounts to be the maximum and to direct its efforts to savings of 10-20% where possible. Since the situation in the world is very unstable, it is necessary to ensure the growth of the Drakonberg Reserve Fund.

It is encouraging that the state recently managed to increase the size of the Gold and Foreign Exchange Reserve, but it is necessary to continue actions in this direction. Overall, it can be noted that the Drakonberg economy is doing well. Let it be so!


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