25 July 2022

First English newspaper is started

Today the English version of our news site is up and running. Now all our news, which have been published only in Russian, will also have an English version.

Why did we decide so, since the national language of Drakonberg is Russian? Read about that below.

(Image is clickable)

Since the beginning of the Virtual State of Drakonberg, we wanted to cooperate and be friends with other similar micronations. Naturally, having Russian as our native and state language, we focused on cooperation with Russian-speaking micronations.

We quickly gained diplomatic partners all over the World, but still there was a language barrier and we continued to look for partners in the countries of the former USSR.

Unfortunately, during the 8 years of our existence we did not find any friends among the CIS micronations. The only such micronation - the Principality of Aysellant - has actually frozen its activities for several years now.

Currently all Drakonberg state websites are available in Russian only, while the Drakonberg Museum website is available in both Russian and English

Read the Drakonberg Times, read our Twitter, our Telegram Channel and our Facebook page - all in English!

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